With produce harvested daily, menus are printed daily.

Below is a SAMPLE MENU of our offerings:



Bread & Butter   5

whole grain sourdough, housemade cultured butter 

Amy’s Mixed Salad   12

roasted almond, fennel, orange, bucheron, sherry vinaigrette​

Vegetable Cruda   8

creme fraiche, extra virgin olive oil

Polpette   11

pork, fennel seeds, house red

Manila Clams   17

spicy pork, white wine, green onions

Fettunta   11

tuscan white bean puree, parmigiano-reggiano, bloomsdale spinach, 
lemon zest

Pan Roasted Asparagus   10

pancetta, whole grain mustard vinaigrette


Bucatini   18

house-cured pancetta, snap peas, pea tendrils, butter, lemon, parmigiano-reggiano

Tagliatelle   17

broccoli green & almond pesto, fiore sardo, garlic, lemon zest

Lumaconi   18

housemade Italian sausage, tuscan kale, fennel pollen, herbed breadcrumb


Local Seasonal Fish   29

chantrelle, meyer lemon relish, pea tendrils

Bistecca   29

roasted seasonal vegetables

Pork Osso Bucco   29

grist & toll herbed polenta, sauteed swiss chard, au jus

Pan Seared Scalops   32

butternut squash, arugula & mizuna, sherry vinaigrette, parsley


Orange Bread Pudding   9

buttermilk, ice cream, almond shortbread crumble

Buttermilk Ice Cream   5

shortbread crumble

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