To us, eating well is appreciating a harmony between whole, seasonal ingredients and the hands working to capture flavors which have survived generations .

It all starts with our produce—at Uno Tre Otto, ‘seasonal’ and ‘from scratch’ aren’t suggestions, they are fundamental starting points in creating wholesome food and flavorful food. Our restaurant here in the Claremont Village is an extension of our own family acreage, Amy’s Farm, just a few highway stops away in Ontario. This proximity to our source means the fruits and vegetables on your plate tonight were in the ground this morning. Harvested and delivered daily, grown entirely chemical-free, our produce and process allows the unique qualities and vibrant character of each ingredient to shine through. Of course, we also apply this same ethic of sustainable and responsible sourcing to our purchase of meat, seafood, and dairy.

Our pasta is made in-house from flour ordered in small batches, ensuring minimal waste and a hearty product that is cooked fresh, never dried. Organic heirloom wheat is stone-ground by micro-mill Grist & Toll in Pasadena, and always kept whole. By utilizing both germ and bran, we hope to underscore our commitment to rich and complete foods. 

Our goal is to marry careful preparation with a simple concept to create complex flavors. 
In doing so, we’d like to provide an experience that celebrates eating well, while always honoring both land and labor 
that make it possible.

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